In the current semester I am teaching three courses.

Notes from these courses will be added when they are ready.


In the semester March to June 2021 I taught three courses.


At the University of Bialystok I was responsible for two courses in the semester October 2020 to February 2021.

During spring 2020 I supervised a group of students from Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg during their Bachelor project on the Banach-Tarski Paradox.


I was free to do research for all of 2019!


At the University of Saskatchewan I was responsible for the Calculus 1 Math 110 course in spring 2018 and the Calculus 2 Math 116 course in summer 2018, based on Stewart's Calculus: early transcendentals. As part of these courses I produced several resources, available here.

Please let me know if you notice any mistakes in these notes. I have also produced other resources, including a collection of exam questions and solutions for these courses; any instructor who would like a copy of any of these documents is welcome to contact me.